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"I have been using Cindy's dog walking services for about 1.5 years now and can honestly say that she is the only person I 100% trust with my greyhound Chloe. Cindy is great! She has helped me socialize Chloe by walking her with other dogs and has been instrumental in teaching Chloe just how to be a "dog", so as to fully enjoy "retired" life off the racetrack. Always willing to help me - be it with daily walks, last minute walks, or overnight stays - I would (and I'm sure Chloe would too!) recommend Cindy's services to anyone looking for someone reliable, loving, dedicated, caring & trustworthy!" Kristin W.

"My son has a service dog named Riley. Naturally because he is a service dog he is able to travel with us to most destinations. However, I have family we visit in Arizona that are highly allergic and thus Riley is not welcome. Cindy with Scratch and Sniff Pet Care is the only one we trust to take care of him. Not only is Riley a family member but he is integral to my son's day-to-day life anf therefor needs to be in the best hands possible when he can't be with us. In addition, because of my son's and Riley's unique bond, he suffers from anxiety issues when they are apart. Cindy understands this and helps Riley cope by treating him and loving him like one of her own. Plus she looks after our trio of chickens and bossy Jenday Conure...which is no small task!"
Colleen C.

"I have been fostering canines for a local rescue for over 5 years and had never used a dog-walker...until now. James, my current foster simply can't "hold it" through a normal workday and the stress was getting to us both. In comes Scratch and Sniff Pet Care with Cindy. The relief of not having to worry about him during the day was more than I expected, plus he's so much happier as well! Not only is James walked,  Cindy plays and works with him. She's teaching James to "roll-over" and has even been working with him and his issues with the "dreaded" vacuum cleaner! You can't ask for more dedication for your "fur-kid" than what Cindy  provides." Cyndi M.